Early History of Phillips County

The Land, the Legends and the Lore

by Patty Smith

Someone once said that history is nothing more than his story, with diverse view points and recollections. For many years, Phillips Countians contributed their stories on our local history in the form of the Phillips County Historical Quarterlies. These publications, along, with Arkansas Court records from the Arkansas Post, and other publications will be utilized to give local residents a glimpse of the past. So read along and find out about our early settlers, the prolific wildlife that grazed our land, the bawdiness of downtown Helena in the early years, and the gold said to be buried in the surrounding forests.

1 The First Wave of Settlers
2 The Second Wave of Settlers
3 Sylvanus Phillips
4 The Communities and Towns of St. Francis Township
5 A Land of Crime and Infamy
6 There's Gold in Them Thar Hills
7 Could It Be That Those Cannons Are Still There
8 Her Name Was Phoebe
9 Sometimes Life Is Just A Matter of Perspective
10 Dunn/Hornor Cemetery at Storm Creek
11 John Patterson
12 Phillips Bayou
13 A Fiesty Little Lady - Emma Rightor
14 The Rivers and the Ridge
15 Chamberlain/Smiley Cemetery
16 Man’s Best Friend
17 The History of Storm Creek Lake
18 McKeil, Burke, and Cail
Pioneers of the Land West of the Ridge
19 The Lost Bible

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