Weatherly Cemetery

(Copied from Volume VII No 2 1969 Phillips County Historical Society, an article written by Louise Mixon Griffin.) The Weatherly burial plot is almost a hundred years old. This was one of my first listings. It was discovered by my oldest grandson while attending cows in a pasture and is now part of the Helena Country Club Golf Green, located on a hill 2.2 miles off Oakland on Wire Road. Whenthe Green was under construction, a promise was made that all the stones would be placed flat on the ground so the inscriptions could be read. I do not know if the promise was kept.
This was a family plot near an old homestead site. There were indications that more graves were there, but these were the only stones, all of white marble.

Turner, IdalOct 24, 1864 - Mar 19, 1878
Weatherly, BuddyAug 27, 1872 - Sep 21, 1873
Weatherly, Jesse D.Aug 1, 1870 - Sep 21, 1877

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