Oak Hill Cemetery

Located 2 ½ miles NW of city. Dennis Keeshan, owner.

Listed in Keeshan-Lambert Funeral Home Records:
Bailey, Dr. W. H.Aug 30, 1932b. MS Age 85 years
Bartleson, AlonzoMar 7, 1920b. MO Age 53 years
Bassham, John FarleyJul 1, 1922 - Dec 10, 1922b. MS; Son of J. L. (b. KY) and Sadie Farley (b. MO) Bassham.
Beebe, ClarenceJan 1, 1883 - Oct 21, 1918b. NE
Bickell, EdMay 2, 1929b. LA Age 65 years
Brunswicke, Effie MayJul 8, 1887 - Apr 6, 1919b. Creal Springs IL.
Chitty, EdMay 13, 1930Age 55 years
Crowder, HerbertDec 3, 1892 - Jun 16, 1935b. Mt Vernon IL; Son of James Lee and Lucy G. West Crowder, b.b.IL.
Daley, MikeOct 14, 1934Age about 60
Davis, James LeeNov 15, 1936 - Feb 3, 1937Son of Eugene (b. Monroe Co AR) and Ethel Curtis (b. Miss Co MO) Davis.
Gossett, W.Sep 18, 1924Age 54 years; Son of Allen and Charlotte Brannon Gossett, both born TN.
Hanna, James WalterMay 4, 1874 - Sep 22, 1941b. Oxford MS; Son of Andy Davis and Mary Jane Hanna.
Hardwick, JohnJun 1, 1929Age 65 years
Harris, A. O.Aug 22, 1923b. GA Age 70 years
Justice, JohnMar 18, 1941b. MS Age 89 years
Layon, Jack1871 - Aug 18, 1922b. IA Age 51
Miller, W. T.Jul 18, 1863 - Oct 8, 1935b. Waverly OH
Moody, GeorgeJul 7, 1898 - Oct 29, 1917b. KS
Motton, James WallaceOct 12, 1880 - Mar 19, 1934b. MS; Husband of Katherine Motton.
Navarro, SalvadoreSep 1, 1951b. MI Age 20 years; Son of Salvadore and Olibia Menders Navarro.
Nicholls, Robert E.Jan 13, 1935Adult, no birth date
Owen, Infant daughterMar 9, 1918Born and died; Dau of Dave (b. MO) and Jennie Bileyon (b. AR) Owen.
Pabst, GeorgeAug 3, 1935Age 65 years
Stewart, John A.Feb 23, 1919b. Philadelphia PA Age 42 years
Tavender, AlbertApr 14, 1932Age 58 years
Thompson, J. W.Oct 31, 1919No birth date
Wallis, WillieJan 7, 1936b. MS Age 45 years
Whittington, Lena MillerJun 1, 1922Age 22 years
Woods, A. A.Mar 9, 1936b. TX Age 60 years

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