Jones Cemetery

Contributed by Beth (Sarah Myatt) Major, Granddaughter of William and Josephine Cox. Located three miles east of Elaine in the Modoc community. Land was given for a cemetery by S. E. Jones in 1894. The following people are buried here:

Corbitt, Ida BrusterNo datesMother of Allan Corbitt
Corbitt, three babies of Lester CorbittNo datesLester is son of Ida Corbitt.
Cox, Josephine Elizabeth Turner "Bettie"1863 - 1938
Cox, William1855 - 1921Husb of Josephine
Cox, Adam Wesley1896 - 1920Son of William and Josephine
Harris, James Wesley1923 - 1925Son of Casey & Nannie Harris, Grandson of Wm. & Josephine Cox
Hughey, BedfordNo datesBro of Eugene & Terry Hughey
Hughey, EugeneNo dates
Hughey, Terry and Two sonsNo dates
Jones, Baby Daughter of Floyd and Nettie JonesNo dates
Jones, BenNo datesBrother of S. E. Jones
Jones, GeorgeNo datesBrother of S. E. Jones
Jones, Laura HardenNo datesSecond wife of Horace Jones
Jones, Louella TuckerNo datesMother of Lucille Jones Syler and Floyd Jones, Sr. (K-L Records: Age 37 D. July 13, 1924)
Jones, MaryNo birth date - 1896Wife of S. E.
Jones, Nora KluttsNo datesFirst Wife of Horace
Jones, S. E.1845 - 1915Capt. Barney's Company, Col. Carvell's Ark. Inf. C.S.A.
Milligan ChildrenNo dates
Murry, EmmetNo datesBro of Lutitie (Mrs. Poe) Harden
Ruppel, PeterNo datesSon-in-law of S. E. Jones
Tucker, Ira LafatteNo datesBro of Louella Tucker Jones

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