Chamberlain Cemetery

Also known as Baldwin Cemetery, Smiley Cemetery, and Utica Cemetery.

The Smiley grave lot is located 9.2 miles from Plaza on 4th Street Road, West Helena, Phillips County, S1 T1S R4E. This lot is fenced with wrought iron fence and gate and had been cared for the year of listing (March 12, 1964). The cemetery has been neglected, the ground eroded and stones broken and mixed together so there was no way to put the pieces together. Recorded by members of Tri-County Genealogical Society. It has not been determined if there are two separate cemeteries, or one large cemetery divided by a gulley. Some of the following information was also recorded in the Phillips County Historical Quarterly, March 1965.

Chamberlain, CoraAug 5, 1869 - Nov 11, 1871Youngest daughter of Eligah R. and Frances E. Chamberlain.
Chamberline, Eligah R.Mar 15, 1872Age 37 years; Died at Sterling, AR. Husband of Frances E. Chamberlain.
Clifft, Lucinda B.Aug 13, 1848 - Aug 7, 1851Daughter of W. W. and P. E. Clifft.
Hale, Mattie B. SmileyOct 24, 1872 - Dec 14, 1894Wife of J. D. Hale
Hopkins, MariaAug 27, 1831 - Mar 1, 1852Wife of J.P. Hopkins
Mahaffey, Wm. R.May 12, 1848Age 21 years
Mahaffey, David R.Jun 1, 1835 - Feb 1853
Miller, Martha M.Oct 20, 1854 - Aug 20, 1859Dau of C. H. and S. J. Miller.
Murphy, Drury M.Sep 4, 1824 - Aug 1, 1856
Neely, Mary Annd. Jul 9, 1851Age 26 yrs 3 mos; Wife of John G. Neely
Smiley, Amanda J.Oct 28, 1846 - Jan 15, 1888b. IN, wife of W. Green Smiley.
Smiley, William GreenSep 24, 1842 - Mar 2, 1911
Smiley, Nancy Elizabeth FloydNov 30, 1851 - May 28, 1908Wife of W. G. Smiley.
Smiley, Harry B.Sep 27, 1877 - Oct 6, 1904Son of W.G. & Amanda
Smiley, Herman E.Jul 12, 1875 - Dec 1, 1903Son of W.G. & Amanda
Smiley, W. G., Jr.Dec 17, 1886 - Dec 27, 1886Son of W.G. & Amanda
W. G. S., Jr.What appears to be infant graves, small stones
B. S.What appears to be infant graves, small stones
Watkins, MarthaDec 18, 1847Age 27 years; Wife of A. W. Watkins.

Wrought iron fenced enclosure, one family stone, no dates:
W. N. W. Martin
Josephine Martin
Josephine C. (G?) Martin
Albertis I. Martin

It is the general opinion of Phillips County historians that when the town of Sterling was lost to the Mississippi River in the late 1800's, some tombstones were moved from Sterling and relocated on this ridge. This has also been referred to as Utica Cemetery, and by one person as Baldwin Cemetery.

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