Camp Ground Cemetery

Also known as Gregory Cemetery, Hyde Park Cemetery, and Wycamp Cemetery.

Also known as Hyde Park Cemetery and Gregory Cemetery, this is thought to be the oldest public cemetery in the county. It was started in mid-1800's as a family graveyard and later was opened to the public. Mrs. Jesse Bonner Daggett of Marianna, Lee Co., Arkansas, recorded this cemetery in July 1941 (another file said 1921). It is not known if all of the information came from the markers or was added by the compiler. Photos of existing grave markers and pieces of markers were made by Wanda Ridge and are kept in a file in the Tri-County Genealogy Libraqry.

These names are from Mrs. Daggett’s files:
Beaty, Eleanor J.d. 1850Age 1 yr 10 mo; dau of Wm. T. and Eleanor Beaty
Beaty, Eleanord. July 1848wife of Wm. T. Beaty
Beaty, William O.d. Mar 23, 1858Age 62 yrs
Carter, Frances R.d. Aug. 20, 1846Age 2 yrs; dau of Matthew and Rebecca Carter
Erwin, Joseph1844 - 185_son of Wm. & Olive Erwin
Flourney, Motley D.1832 - 1856
Grimes, Sam. L.1798 - 1849
Mitchell, Mary J.Aug. 14, 1819 - April 25, 1860wife of S. W. Mitchell
Kennedy, Augusta Y.d. Sept. 10, 1855Age 37 yr 1 mo 2 da; wife of Rev. A. H. Kennedy and dau of M. and R. Branch
Kidd, William J.d. Jan. 9, 1851Age 43 yrs
Koonce, John H.d. Nov. 25, 1849Age 40 yr 9 mo 1 da
Koonce, Robert W.d. Apr. 5, 1856Age 8 yrs.; son of J. H. and E. A. Koonce
Lindsey, Jamesd. Aug. 16, 1847dau of R. T. and J. L. Shrinder
Long, Eliza A.1880 - 1880dau of J. P. and G. A. Long
Long, J. P.1846 - 1881
Marriott, JamesShot by Pat Cleburne in 1856
Mitchell, Mary J.1819 - 1860wife of S. W. Mitchell
Moody, F. T.d. July 22, 1856
Patton, Archibald Ervinb. 1813 - d. 1842 or 1847born Green Co., Miss.
Patton, Louisiana V.11821 - 1850wife of J. Patton
Patton, William1816 - 1846born Moringo Co., Ala.
Pool, Hannah Woody1802 - 1854wife of Asa Pool
Rice, Hopkins*1851 - Sept. 23, 1860
Rice, Maggie H.1859 - 1859dau of F. N. & F. M. Rice
Rice, Neverson1852 - 1853son of F. N. & F. M. Rice
Rice, Robert E.b. 185__ (no death date)son of W. D. & Amelia E. Rice
Smizer, Alfred*1816 - May 26, 1866
Smizer, John1855 - 1857son of Alfred & Kate Smizer
Stewart, Sallied. 1917
Townsend, Ira Jr.July 2, 1830 - March 6, 1846
Turner, Edmondd. Aug 6, 1858
Turner, Mary Annd. July 19, 1858Age 63 yrs.; wife of Edmond Turner
Walker, Catherined. 1853wife of Wm. Walker
Walker, Robert E.1825 - 1842
Walker, William, Sr.1777-1857
Waters, Elizabeth AnnMay 10, 1820 - 1861wife of G. W. Waters
Whitwort, Benjamind. 1855Age 5 yrs; son of J. C. Whitwort
Whitwort, Edmondson of J. C. & F. Whitwort1849 - 1852
*Notation that these names were from church (unidentified) register.

Keeshan-Lambert Funeral Home Records - shown as buried in WyCamp Cemetery:
Blair, Barbara Larued. Feb. 24, 1935
Blair, Joanna IreneFeb. 7, 1935 - June 9, 1935
Gregory, Clatie EmmettAug. 21, 1920 - June 11, 1932
Gregory, James BentonDec. 6, 1880 - March 11, 1947
Leslie, RobertMarch 26, 1889 - March 4, 1944
Miller, Francis Mariond. July 30, 1933
Tilghman, Louis WarrenJuly 24, 1937 - Feb. 23, 1945

Keeshan-Lambert Funeral Home Records - shown as buried in Camp Ground Cemetery:
Church, Billy Owend. Sept. 2, 1927 Age 2 yrs.
Church, Harold Joed. Feb. 19, 1927 Age 18 yrs
Waters, Irened. Apr. 29, 1924 Age 25 yrs.

From Cunningham-Haraway Funeral Home Records:
Gregory, Clyded. Jan. 9, 1931
Gregory, Mildred Leverned. Sept. 26, 1926Age 7 mo 28 da
Herndon, Mrs. Loviad. Nov. 19, 1933
Lewis, Howardd. March 9, 1923
Rowland, A. J. S.Feb. 21, 1923 - March 21, 1985

From Helena World, Jan. 31, 1927:
Gregory, WilliamJan. 30, 1927age 76

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