The Barton-Green Cemetery

Pictures are filed at the Tri-County Genealogical Society Library in Marvell, Arkansas.

Contributed by Betty Faust.

The Barton Green Cemetery is located at Barton in Phillips County, Arkansas. It is on the west side of Highway 85 in an open field approximately 100 yards from the highway. To reach the cemetery from Helena, go west on US Highway 49 to the intersection of Highways 49 and 85, about 12 miles from Helena. Turn south on Highway 85, cross the railroad and go one half mile. There is a small white frame church on the east side of the highway and the cemetery is in an overgrown clump of trees on the west side.

The cemetery is about twenty feet square. There is still standing a fence which is overgrown with honeysuckle.

According to the late E. G. "Ned" Green of West Helena, the Green Family came to Phillips County from Yarlington, Kentucky in 1847. Barton Green, Sr. was Sheriff of Phillips County during the Civil War. He and his wife Louisa are listed in the St. Francis Township in the 1860 US Census of Phillips County in the Household of Dr. Russell Shelby. Phillips County Marriage Records, Barton W. Green, age 32, and Lou F. Graves, age 18, were married April 3, 1860. Lou was the daughter of Alexander "Lex" Graves for whom Lexa was named.

Two articles about Barton which refer to the Green Family are "Barton" by Gene Bradford in the December 1972 issue and "Early Settlers of Barton, Part 2", by James V. Belsha in the December 1973 issue of the quarterly.

Allison, Mary B.Oct 15, 1830 - Dec 26, 1853Consort of Thomas B. W. Allison; Aged 23 yrs. 2 mo, 11 da*
Curtis, Susanna F.*d. Jul 12, 1856Aged 31 yrs; Wife of Wm. Curtis
Graves, Alexander*Jul 6, 1800 - Mar 12. 1863Aged 62 yrs. 8 mo, 6 da; Born in Granville Co, North Carolina
Graves, Ann*Jan 21. 1804 - Sep 7. 1864Aged 60 yrs, 6 mo, 16 da; Born Henrico Co, Virginia
Graves, Mrs. Barney No birth date - Sep 29, 1897(from The Helena World and The Daily World)
Graves, Lexa Jr.*Feb 24. 1897 - Jul 6, 1899Son of Lexa and Julia E. Graves; "Bom's Man Á Our Bany"
Graves, Margaret A.*Jan 22. 1841 - Mar 5, 1893
Graves, Nathaniel LeeNov 16, 1833 - Jan 19, 1902b. Giles Co TN; d. Barton, Arkansas*
Graves, Susan C.Jan 4, 1844 - Dec 16, 1862b. Shelby Co TN
Green, Barton W., Sr.Feb 22, 1828 - Nov 1, 1893m. Lou F. Graves, age 18, April 3, 1860. Lou was the daughter of Alexander "Lex" Graves for whom Lexa was named.
Green, Barton W., Jr.Feb 22, 1861 - Dec 26, 1894Married Annie Laurie Williams of Trenton Nov 18, 1888, 3 children.
Green, LouiseAug 11, 1889 - Jul 25, 1894Dau of B.W. Jr. & A.L.
Green, T. C. (Thomas Cleburne)Sep 29, 1869 - Jun 28, 1899
Hughes, Dr. A. J. and Wife
Renfroe, W. H.*Mar 8, 1833 - Oct 23, 1883"In memory of my dear husband"
Williams, Fred AlvinMay 18, 1890 - Nov 7, 1898Aged 8 yrs. 5 mo. 19 da*; Son of W. C. & F. H. Williams.

* Additional names and/or information was provided along with this narrative regarding the cemetery:
The Barton-Green Cemetery contains graves of the Alexander "Lex" Graves family, for whom Lexa was named, and the Green family, early Barton settlers. It is located in a field about .8 miles south of the intersection of highway 49 and 85 at Walnut Corner. It is about 20 feet square and most of the grave markers have fallen. Recorded January 11, 2009 by Wanda Ridge.

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